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Key Spot Ad Packages

As a business, now you can focus on what you do best. And we can help you connect to the rest with mobile advertising.  Easily manage and customize your own ads within the app.

 As an Organization or Individual,  you can  share your community events, charity events, or garage sales using Key Spot mobile advertising starting at only $24.99.

​Simply download the Key Spot app, in the app use menu to select Manage Ads and Click Ad Package to get started.

Exclusive Offers

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In App Packages

  • One time ad  expires within 1 week$24.99. Example:  Special or Garage Sales.


  • 3 months up to 15 ads:  $299.99Example:  Seasonal Promotions.

  • 6 months up to 40 ads$499.99.  Example:  Daily /Weekly Deals & Events.

  • 12 months up to 100 ads. Get 2 months FREE: $699.99  (BEST VALUE)

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